Classroom Procedures


School Hours:  School starts at 8:15 a.m. and ends at 3:30 p.m.  Students are counted tardy when they come in after 8:20 a.m.  Please know that first grade is fast-paced and filled with new things each day.  When a child is frequently tardy or absent, it can really disrupt the flow of their first grade experience.  I would really appreciate your help with this matter.  It is truly in your child’s best interest.  Thank you.

Every Wednesday, the school day ends at 1:30 p.m.  On Wednesday, students are released and need to be picked up at 1:30 p.m.


Mail:  All student work as well as newsletters/parent notes will be sent home on Friday.  Each student will have a Math homework folder and a Reading envelope.  Please check your child’s folder every Friday and look over all the papers that were completed and sent home.  This will help you to know what we are currently studying in class and will also give you some good talking points that you can use to discuss with your child.  This is also a good time to praise your child for the work that they completed that week.  Please return your child’s Friday folder as soon as possible so we can reuse them the following week.



Reading envelopes:  Reading bags will be sent home everyday to with a book inside to read with your child.  Our school is requiring that students read 20 minutes a night.  After reading, please return the bag filled out that you and your child read together.  On Fridays, students will receive a new book to go home for the following.  Reading is so valuable, so keep reading every night!

Math Homework Folders:  Students will bring home math homework Tuesdays and Fridays.  A child will have from Tuesday to Friday to get homework completed and turned in.  Then they will receive Friday homework and have Tuesday to turn it in. 

Spelling and Dolch Words:  I will be sending home spelling words every Monday so you have all week to study with your child.  The spelling words will either be on a Rainbow Word sheet, Pencil, Pencil, Marker sheet, or some other spelling worksheet.  Please look for these on Mondays.  Dolch words will come home on Tuesdays.  Please feel free to study these words throughout the year.  Students will receive Dolch words and Sight Word flashcards to study throughout the year.


Birthdays:  Birthday are special and we do take time to recognize these special days!  If your child’s birthday is on a weekend, we will celebrate on the Friday before their birthday (or the Monday after, if you prefer).  Children with summer birthdays will have a group birthday party that is held at the end of the school year.  On your child’s birthday, he/she may bring in store purchased treats to share with the class.  This is not required.  Plan to bring treats for 25 students, or contact me to get the exact number of students that are currently enrolled.  The celebration will usually be held during our afternoon snack time.


Absences:  Whenever your child is going to be absent for any reason, please let the office know or send a note to school with your child.  I will gladly collect all missed assignments that are to be completed upon their return.  Kindly understand that because much of their work is directly related to what is being taught in class, it is sometimes difficult to create “work packets” in advance.


Toys:  Please help to remind your child that they are not to bring toys to school.  Not only do these cause distractions, but I would also feel horrible if something valuable was lost/stolen.  There will be several opportunities throughout the year for students to bring items from home to share during “Star of the Week.”  I will send notes home in advance to let you know exactly when we will have their star of the week.

Snacks:  Near the end of the school day, first graders are hungry!!  Students always look forward to their afternoon snacks, and I do feel that a small snack helps keep them going.  I do ask parents for snack donations to help make this possible.  Once our snack supply gets low, I will send home a note asking for more snacks to be donated.  I understand that it is not always possible for everyone to donate.  Please know that I appreciate your effort.  Examples of snacks to bring include:  cereal, crackers, graham crackers, fruit snacks, pre-popped popcorn, cookies, raisins, pretzels, etc.


Star of the Week:  Each student will have a turn to be our “Star of the Week” this year.  It is during this week that your child may bring items from home to share.  When it is your child’s turn, I will send home a note explaining what to bring pieces to put on their poster. 


Library:  We will have book check out every Monday so please bring library books back by or before our library day.  That way your child will be guaranteed a great book!


Water bottles:  Each child will receive a water bottle which they may drink during class. 


Traffic Light:  In the classroom, students will be monitored with their behavior traffic light.  If they are on green, the student is on task and working hard.  A child will be moved down to yellow if they are repeatedly told not to do something or disrupting.  They will be retaught the expectation.  If a child is on red, a note will be sent home to you explaining what happened and you will need to sign and return the paper to me.  A child will have a consequence will fit the behavior.


Class Incentive Parties:  If a student has stayed on green for the rest of the day, they can pick something out of my treasure chest (candy, little toys, stickers, etc.).  At the end of the week, the students have stayed on green the majority of the time four to five stars they will receive a prize (ice cream, game time, extra recess).


By rewarding positive behaviors, I am hoping to send the message to my students that I do notice and appreciate their efforts.  It is also my intention to make students aware of the types of behaviors that I like and want to see in my room.

Money Honeys:  Every child will receive a money bag which he or she will keep in their desk.  If a student does something respectful, responsible, or safe, he or she will earn some money (play money).  At the end of the day, they will count their money and record it on their notepad on their desk.  At the end of the month, they can save their money for something big like a popcorn party, root beer floats, extra recess, etc.  With these incentives, students will learn how to count their money, record, and save it.

By rewarding positive behaviors, I am hoping to send the message to my students that I do notice and appreciate their efforts.  It is also my intention to make students aware of the types of behaviors that I like and want to see in my room. 

Core Balls:  Your child will have the opportunity to use a core ball as their desk chair, for exercise in between subjects and to read on.  We will slowly introduce the ball at the beginning of the year so that they are able use it safely and properly.  Studies have shown the core balls to be an excellent way for students to get excess energy out and stay focused longer on certain tasks.  Roll on!





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