Classroom Behavior Plan

Classroom Behavior Plan

In third grade, we follow the school rules of being safe, respectful, and

responsible. It is important that all students follow these rules so that

every student can learn, feel respected, and be safe.

To help students monitor their behavior and promote a positive learning

environment, we will be using a clip chart.  Your student will have a clip

that they will move up or down the chart depending on their behavior. 

Your student may not move every day. In order to move their clip up

the chart, your student must go above and beyond classroom


Below are the levels for the clip chart and a brief explanation of each


: Students will move to outstanding if their behavior is above

and beyond classroom expectations.  Students will get a sticker on their

clip and an outstanding note will go home.  After 5 outstanding days, a

student will get new colored clip and their old clip will be retired to the

Hall of Fame.

Great Choice
: As students continue continue making good choices, they

will continue moving up the chart.

Good Choice
: Making a good choice will allow a student to move up the


Ready to Learn
: Every student will begin the day on “Ready to

Learn”.  Depending on their choices that day, their clip may move up or

down the chart.

Think About It:
If a student receives a warning, they will move their

clip to “Think About It”.

Teacher’s Choice:
If a student continues to make poor choices, they

will move their clip to “Teacher’s Choice”.  The student will receive a

learning consequence that will help them learn from their choice and make

a better choice next time.

Parent Contact:
  If a student is still making poor choices, they will

have to move their clip to “Parent Contact”.  The student will miss the

entire recess and fill out a Behavior Reflection sheet.  This sheet will

need to be signed by a parent or legal guardian and returned the next


Students will mark the bottom of their assignment notebook each

day indicating which level their clip ended on for the day.  Please

discuss this with your student each night.

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