Classroom Procedures

Welcome to Fifth Grade!


We are going to have a fun and exciting year. Fifth grade is a year to make great changes and great growth as a student and as an individual.  This year I will challenge each of you academically and personally.  Mostly, I will ask you to challenge yourself.  The focus will be responsibility, accountability, and self-motivation.  As you travel the journey through education and through life, these skills will be the most important to have. 


We are going to work on ‘putting the pieces together’ this year.  You have already learned a lot of information before getting to fifth grade.  We are going to build with these pieces of knowledge and the new pieces of information gained this year to create a solid foundation. A foundation for the rest of your academic career and a foundation for the rest of your life!


Did you know that 85% of success is based on your attitude?  Only 15% is proficiency.  I’m here to help with the 15% but it is up to you to have the right attitude to make up the 85% of success in fifth grade.  This statistic transfers to everyday life as well.  The right attitude will take you far!  In our class we won’t be saying, “I can’t do this,” instead we’ll say, “What CAN I do?”


“Believe you can, or believe you can’t, you’ll be right.”


I look forward in helping you put the pieces together and discover the bigger picture of who you are, and who you can become!

~Ms. Pinkerton



Things to know:


Classroom Rules:

We will create a list of classroom rules together. However, our classroom rules will follow the guidelines of the school rules of Safety, Respectfulness, and Responsibility.



In our room bullying is not acceptable.  Our classroom will be a safe and welcoming place for all individuals.  No one has the right to make someone feel uncomfortable, unwanted, or unhappy.  Any act of bullying will be dealt with immediately with consequences.  Help keep our classroom community a positive and supportive environment.


Specials Schedule:

P.E.– Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday

(Please make sure to wear tennis shoes or bring some to change into on these days.)

Music – Tuesday/Thursday

Art – Monday

Media – Monday

Library Checkout – Friday

(Please make sure books are returned on Thursday.)


Band-5th grade will have the opportunity again this year to participate in band.  Details will be coming soon about a parent night and other information needed for students to be a part of this wonderful opportunity.  Band will be open to any student who is interested. The music teacher will send out information sheets within the next few weeks.









We have a weekly schedule for homework assignments.  You will always have more than one day to complete an assignment.  This allows you the opportunity to seek help with any questions you have.  This will also help if you are involved in after school activities.  You will be responsible for using time management to plan ahead on nights you might have an activity so that you can finish your work ahead of time.


Monday – Math

Tuesday – Science/Social Studies

Wednesday – Math

Thursday – Science/Social Studies

Friday – Math


The assignment will be due on the following

assignment day.  For example:


-Math homework from Monday will be due by Wednesday. 

-Science/Social Studies homework assigned Tuesday will be due by


-Friday Math homework will be due Monday. 

                  And so on…


With the extra-allotted time for assignments there should be no excuses for late work.


To help you stay organized you will have color-coded folders for your binder to keep your work in.


Reading logs will be due each Friday morning.  You will have the weekend and the whole week to complete your required minutes.


Food and Drink:

Water only will be allowed.  Please no Gatorade or colored water.  You

may have a water bottle to keep at your desk. To prevent spills, only bottles that screw or snap closed will be allowed.  We have a sink in the room that you can use to refill your bottle at any time that does not disrupt the classroom. 


You are welcome to have healthy snacks to keep with you at your desk.  Examples of healthy snacks: popcorn, granola bars, crackers, cereal, and pretzels.  Please do not bring cookies, chips, or candy.  Snacks allowed will be at my discretion including snacks that a fellow student may have an allergy to, or snacks that are deemed to beunhealthy.


Having water and snack in class is a privilege and not a right. Abuse of this privilege will result in the loss of privilege.


Contact Me:

I arrive at school daily by 7:55 and stay till at least 4:00 and sometimes later.  You or your parents can stop in the office and have the secretary call up to me to see about coming to the room. 


The school phone number is 402-731-7477.


My email is


Let’s have a great year!

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